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Working Towards Your Financial Future


Early Career

Marcia Rhea’s early career revolved around auditing construction firms and municipalities. She gained her auditing experience with a mid-sized CPA firm and her tax and representation experience with a top IRS agent.  Wanting to contribute to her “low country” roots, she turned away from a prestigious position with the international accounting firm of Price Waterhouse to establish her own firm in the city that has inspired her, Charleston, South Carolina. She enjoys working with individuals and small business and advising clients on many tax and planning issues. Prior to her tax career, she worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers. In this role, Ms. Rhea was a press writer, effective communicator, and moderated town hall meetings to discuss the impact of many of the Corps ongoing and long-term projects. She also produced several industrial films for the government. 

Marcia Rhea has worked with clients in the areas of service, construction, retail, investment, insurance, entertainment, real estate, consulting, among others.

Writer and Community Involvement

Her professional articles have covered such diverse topics as eye care columns and celebrity interviews to in-depth tax and accounting subjects.  Ms. Rhea has won many international awards as a writer and been a frequent guest at conferences and in the media. She continues to be a “voice” to help educate the community on economic and social issues that impact not only Charleston, but the world at large.      

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