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Full-Service Retainer

Tax advice and planning are different from a one-time tax return preparation fee. If you want ongoing phone and e-mail assistance, we offer the Full-Service Retainer. The full-service retainer supports your questions year-round and enables you to “check-in” at any time when new challenges come your way that “tax” your brain. Usually, when there is a change in income and/or expenses, we analyze the situation based on the numbers you provide. The retainer is offered at an annual fee based on the overall picture of your tax situation.

Having Chandler Rhea on retainer allows you to communicate with us as we get to know your tax situation better. We can work on life-changing events together as they occur such as starting a family, buying or selling a house, retirement questions, buying and selling stock, changing jobs, inheritance issues, starting a business, tax reduction strategies, rental properties, college planning, loan options, insurance needs, marriage and divorce, tax deductions and much, much more as tax laws are constantly changing.

Otherwise, we offer this advice on an hourly rate whether by e-mail, phone or in office conference.

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